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Never Sleep Through A Giantess Rampage POV

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Never Sleep Through A Giantess Rampage POV
Running Time:
19 minutes

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Description :     A very story based adventure focused on the dialogue between Tenshi and a guy who was relaxing in the park during her latest giantess rampage. She's quite offended since he slept right through it! Of course he doesn't believe this now regular sized girl can change her size, but instead she changes his, shrinking him down. Tenshi playfully argues with the poor shrunken guy named Jason, eventually getting him to massage her huge bare feet, and in the end, squashing him under her butt. Tenshi cares so little for him she can't even remember his name as the two continue their arguments throughout. The main focus is the developing story between the two and what it's like to be tiny before Tenshi. This POV features the tiny guy talking back. It's almost like an RP session played out.

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