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Looking At My Mouth

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Looking At My Mouth
Running Time:
16 minutes

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Tags: lip biting, tongue play, opening & closing, pov, extreme close-ups, kisses, scruntching lips, tongue flicking & rolling, lip smacking, teeth, lips, deep throat, long tongue
Description :     You have been staring at my mouth so I might as well show it to you. I slowly tease & taunt you with my lips, my teeth & tongue. I purse & bite my lips oh so sensually while you stare directly down my throat. As I roll and flick my tongue, you can only imagine how it feels to be inside my orafice. I like that you are excited by my mouth so I describe to you exactly how I would pleasure you with my mouth. I kiss you deep and longingly. I think you've taught me a whole new fetish! So hot!

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