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Worship your Asian giantess goddess

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Worship your Asian giantess goddess
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Tags: pov
Description :     I am your Asian giantess goddess and you are all my subjects. You are all my tiny slaves and you have no choice but to do my every bidding. Who's going to cross a goddess who towers miles above them? But I've been angered. I left my shoes in the town square and you all did a poor job in cleaning them. And you ruined my pedicure! You all must pay for your incompetence. It's time you're reminded of who has the control. Filthy insects... pests... I feed you, I clothe you, and this is how you treat your goddess? You all must perish now! You are all tiny, helpless, and completely replaceable. I love crushing you beneath my platform heels, and then taking them off to stomp and crush you with my perfect, giant bare feet. I lift my foot high above you... you tremble with fear as you know your Asian giantess goddess is going to crush you. You have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. I love feeling you squish beneath my feet. I love seeing the fear in your eyes! My worthless, little slaves! I laugh wickedly as I crush all your friends before your very eyes before stomping on you, twisting my foot as you are being squished like a bug!

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