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Not long enough part 5

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Not long enough part 5
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Description :     Sexy, beautiful and arguably insane regina promised her ex-boyfriend, shay, two promises: she promised him she will make him feel pain, such as he had never, ever felt before, and she promised him that by the time she will be done with him - her toenails will be LONG ENOUGH for him. regina is a lady to keep to her word...even though the path she chose might be disturbing at the very least... what usage will regina do with her new elixirs of enchantment, created in good faith but with the potential of a sinister, evil usage? can really get cheated over and over again in the name of sick, sadistic and twisted revenge? and exactly how small can a person get just from getting extremely excited over, and over, and over again? check this final(?) and AMAZING(!) chapter of this epic tale to find out yourself!!! feet, toes, extreme close-ups and extreme wide angles, soles, finger-held & hand-held, foot-crush, toe-crush, butt-crush, vore(teeth, tongue, in-stomach) POV, various sizes (from about 4 inches to extreme-micro), and more!!! worked hard on this one, just as i did on the other chapters - and i hope you'd like it! :-) 325 images, 1690*1120 each. enjoy!

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