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Belittled Part 1

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Belittled Part 1
Running Time:
8 minutes

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Description :     See through the eyes of Justin as Maxine stands before you in a sexy bra, tight pencil skirt and stockings. Although she is a petite 5'4", today she seems to be hovering over your tiny frame. She is baffled as you slowly shrink before her and notices that with every degrading and humiliating comment, you shrink even further and further to the ground. You become so tiny that she can pick you up with one hand and throw you over he knee for a swift spanking but quickly decides against that since a loser like you would probably enjoy a sexy spanking from someone as alluring as Maxine. She removes her stinky stockings and forces you to worship her gigantic feet while she demeans you even further. Tiring of your pathetic pleas for mercy, Maxine towers above you and strips off her tight skirt and hovers over you in nothing but her bra and panties. She demands that you continue your pathetic attempts to worship her feet but of course a moron like you can't even get that right. Realizing she has no further use for you, she puts you out of your misery by squishing you beneath her enormous bare sole for good.

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