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Celia Cyanide in Fellow Scientists

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Celia Cyanide in Fellow Scientists
Running Time:
13 minutes

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Description :    

We'd like to introduce Celia to all you fans! She's one of the best actresses we know and performs this story to a tee! She's a scientist who's co-workers never believed she could invent a shrinking ray, but she did and shrinks them all down to siZe! She proceeds to take them out of their cage one by one and inspects and experiments with each of them. You'll see POV action and see what they see as she performs her painful experiments, all the while letting them know just how helpless they are. She enjoys her terrifying manipulations and sees how much of her weight they can take, how far their joints bend (you can bet you'll hear the bones breaking!), and whether they can survive being suffocated under her butt and in her armpit! The last one is only saved by the bell!


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