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Brandy in The Thigh Master

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Brandy in The Thigh Master
Running Time:
14 minutes

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Tags: pov, handheld, thigh, doll
Description :     This was a custom request
I would like a video focused on thighs. Brandy (starting in jeans and a t-shirt with red or black panties beneath) is standing in front of a table with the camera on it, facing towards her. She teases him about him being shrunken, thighs rubbing against each other in anticipating arousal arousal. teasing the guy about his attraction to her thighs. The actual video is 14min. but I used very little of the doll part I shot and did not want to throw it out so I added a 10min just clip at the end with 5 or 6min not in the main video. This video is priced cheap.

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