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Cali in Jungle Love

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Cali in Jungle Love
Running Time:
17 minutes

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Tags: giantess, pov, feet, shakes, booms, handheld, searching, jungle girl. cali, kiising, licking
Description :     This was a custom request
Cali is a jungle girl. the clip will take place in the city using one of your sets that you normally use. The main plot of the clips is that Cali is looking for you in the city. I would like these clips to have lots of sound effects such as booms and shakes while the actresses are searching the city for you. I would like the major portion of these clips to be the actresses looking inside of buildings for you. So I would like for most of the footage to be shot from the people's point of view that are inside the buildings. You do not need to have any actors or actresses playing these people by the way. I just want these shots to be entirely pov like the people are seeing Cali outside their windows. I would also like to see the actresses banging their chests every so often like King Kong especially when they are up against the buildings looking inside. I would like them to dress in jungle like costume

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