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360 VR - Shrinking Reginas Failing Student POV

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360 VR - Shrinking Reginas Failing Student POV
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, 360 VR, shrinking, sandals, flip flops, teacher, student,
Description :     Experience possibly the first controlled shrinking scene in a VR video with a unique 180' view of Regina shrinking you down! Then enjoy all the booming footsteps as Regina paces around her shrunken student in full 360 VR! John has been a terrible student in Regina's class. When she invited him over to her place, he figured she was going to tutor him. Instead he ends up shrunken and staring at his teacher's huge sandals as Regina walks around him, belittling him for being such a bad student! She even tries to get him to write an essay and he's too scared of her massive bare feet to do that. In the end he's even put into her sandal, but Regina eventually ends up squashing him underfoot.

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