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Brandy Shrunken pet collection VR 360 4K FX

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Brandy Shrunken pet collection VR 360 4K FX
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: Pov, giantess, vr 360, 4K, Brandy, feet, SFX, crush, vore
Description :     Custom VR with some FX She invites you to her house one day. You show up and see her wearing dressed in the sexiest outfit. She leads you in, closes the door behind you and locks it. She then proceeds to shrink you. Eventually you stop shrinking, now only an inch tall. Brandy, taunts you and reminds you that there really is no escape from her, you now belong to her and she can do whatever she wants to you. She walks over to you, lifts her foot up above you and slams it down to block off your exit. She then walks over grabs a glass from the table. She comes back, gets down on her hands and knees, crawls towards you, her hand reaches out, her fingers wrapping around you and lift you into the air, dropping you into the glass. She looks at you in the glass (now sitting in the palm of her hand) and tells you that you are now just a part of her collection on many little people. She laughs and threatens to make you a tiny little morsel if you don’t obey her every wish. She walks over and sits you down on her coffee table while sits down on the couch looking at you and tells you that you have a big job ahead of you caring for her needs. She slams her fist down, inches from you as she laughs sinisterly. She then demands you give her a foot rub. She leans back on the couch and puts her feet up one at a time, slamming them down and inch in front of you. As you look up at her massive feet, pointed toes straight in the air, they look like skyscrapers with you at that size, terrified you begin to rub her feet. After a while she screams that she has had enough. She takes her massive feet off the table, sits up and stares closely at you, her massive face in nice and close to you. She proclaims that you give the worst foot massages, not even close to being acceptable for a goddess like herself. She ponders what she is going to do you. Maybe you will become a stain on the bottoms of her foot or maybe you will just have to become a tiny little morsel for her to devour. She sits up again and says that she needs time to think. She needs to go have a shower anyways. As she stands up she grabs the drinking glass. Slamming it down over both you. She then says that she wouldn’t want you to go anywhere she would just hate to accidentally step on you. She laughs evilly as the camera fades out. With Gary’s help you were able to push the glasses to the end of the table and eventually over, sending it tumbling to the ground. Both of you make a break. You are hiding in her slipper and Gary is behind a coffee cup. As you watch on, Brandy walks in dressed in just her towel. She notices the glass now on the floor. Angered she calls for you, threatening to kill you if you don’t come out right now. She begins to search but quickly finds Gary standing in the middle of the floor. She taunts him, tapping her foot and telling him what a terrible pet he has been and now with him trying to escape, he has left her no choice but to end his wretched existence. He begs and pleads for his life, she tells him it is no use. Brandy lifts her foot high in the air and slams it down on top of him, crushing him into nothing. With Gary gone, she turns her attention to you now. She begins to search the room for you. Stomping her huge feet she bellows “fe fi fo fum” and that there is no point in hiding, she is going to find you, you should just give yourself up and she will end you quickly. After looking around and behind the furniture she questions as to whether you could have gotten under the door. She walks over to put on her slippers and as her foot slides into where you are hiding, she pushes you back towards the toe of the slipper. You are no longer alone, you now share your hiding space with 5 massive toes. As she walks towards the door to look outside, you do your best not to move around, but it proves to be too difficult a task and as you are hurled into her toes. The giantess stops. She feels you in her slipper and wonders if you were really stupid enough to hide there. She slides her foot out, reaches down and picks up the slipper, looking in at you curled in its toe. She has found you and now she needs to decide how she is going to kill you. She reaches her other hand into the slipper and wraps her fingers tightly around your body once more. She puts you down on the floor. Crosses her arms and stands up tall. She raises her foot into the air over your head and begins to drop it slowly towards you. She taunts you and laughs as her foot comes down onto you, But the goddess changes her mind. Suddenly she lifts her foot back off you and places on the ground next to you. Her enormous hand falls from the sky and scoops you up. Wrapped in her fingers you approach her face. She decides that she would much rather eat you. She picks you up high using two fingers on her other hand, she taunts you once again calling you her tiny little morsel, she then tilts her head back and slides you down her throat, ending your existence.

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