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Trapped In Judys Sneakers POV

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Trapped In Judys Sneakers POV
Running Time:
12 Minutes

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Tags: in shoe, POV, feet
Description :     Do you like gold? Because this is gold! Get plucked out of Regina's backpack as Carl, a fellow student from school who kept making fun of how Judy's feet smell. He's shrunk now and about to get up close and personal with Judy's bare feet... inside of her sneakers! Take in some awesome scenes as the action switches between two cameras, our main HD one, and an actual in shoe cam! Enjoy as these cruel sisters talk about Carl like he's nothing while be trapped in Judy's hot, humid, stinky sneaker! What's worse? He'll be in there all summer long!

One of our best videos EVER! And that's saying something since this is our 650th on Canadian Giantess alone! Don't miss out and show Judy how awesome this one is by supporting it today!

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