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Velvets War Time Crush

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Velvets War Time Crush
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: Army Men, giantess, feet, Miss Velvets, crush, sandals
Description :     So I'd like to request an army men video without effects. In terms of content I'd like it to be about 80 percent foot crush and about 20 percent vore. For a model, Miss Velvets and I would like it to be one who can give it more of a dark or horror tone. What I want to avoid is for the model to have a giggly, playful approach, and I'd like them to have more of a dark and villainous approach. I'd like there to be plenty of dialogue but so long as it stays within that darker tone I leave the details of the spoken content to the discretion of the model. For clothes I'd like it to have a "girl next door" quality, with a dress or skirt that looks like something the model might have just been wearing around that day. For footware I'd like the model to wear sandals for the first half of the video, then remove them for the second half.

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