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Velvets Birthday Surprise

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Velvets Birthday Surprise
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, Miss Velvets, vore,
Description :     Custom Request: Velvets enters the room and approaches you wishing you a happy birthday and teases you about her present she intends to give you. Eventually she tells you that her surprise is to shrink and eat you all day. Something knows you enjoy. Except there’s a catch, each time she teleports you outside of her body, you will appear somewhere randomly in the room and it’s up to you to survive. With one quick motion with her hand and you start to quickly shrink down all the floor, looking down at you, talking about how she can’t wait to start swallowing you.

Vore Scene 1: Hide and Go Eat Velvets picks you up gives you a kiss and a lick or two while commenting how she can’t get over your taste. She then says she wants you to make her work for it though, and that she’s going to put you down and count to 5. Then she’s going to come looking for you. She sets you down, and you run, but unfortunately on only manage to make it to the center of the room by the time she’s done counting. She looks in one or two places, talking aloud about how she’s gonna get you, suck on you and swallow you. She finds you, and without hesitating picks you up, and with a lick, Velvets pops you in her mouth. She plays with you in her mouth for a bit, commenting on how you’re much better than she expected and she just can’t help herself, and then swallows you whole.

Vore Scene 2: Salty little Kernel A little while later, Velvets gets bored waiting for you to respawn and decides to watch a movie with some popcorn. While she’s watching, you respawn, but right in the middle of her popcorn, but she hasn’t seemed to notice. After taking a couple of bites she picks you up, and right as she’s about to mindlessly eat you, she’s pulls you back from her mouth and smiles. “Oh… you’re cute. Are you hungry baby?” Then she callously pops you back into her mouth and saying “Me too” She plays with you for a brief moment, saying “You taste so good when you’re covered in butter and salt, and I just love feeling you wriggle on my tongue” Before promptly swallowing you. With one final lick of her lips she goes back watching her movie.

Vore Scene 3: Help? (Willing) The second time you respawn, it’s on top of a bookshelf (or any other surface) that you can’t get down from. What’s even worse is Velvets is about to walk by. You try to hide but when she walks by, something catches her eye, and she takes a step back. She instantly spots you, and begins to tease you about your impossible situation. She’s willing to help you she explains…. But not by putting you down. She then rolls out her tongue as if expecting you to walk into her mouth. She gestures to walk in. You hesitate, and after noticing you won’t move, she threatens to just leave you here, and encourages you to walk into her mouth, telling how you enjoy it ALMOST as much as she does. She promises to make it quick this time too. Realizing she’s right, you agree to give yourself to her, and she rolls her tongue back out and you reluctantly walk into her mouth. True to her word, she quickly swallows you and comments how she loves this game.

Vore Scene 4 – Sleeping Beauty The final place you respawn is under a pillow on the couch where she doesn’t find you. Eventually she gets tired of looking, and lays down on the couch with her head closest to you. She falls asleep and you decide to take advantage to explore her body, from the neck down. When you finally reach her waist, you try to get into her pants. The commotion of you trying to get through her waist band causes her to wake up and then sit up, causing you to fall between her thighs. Realizing your mischievous intentions, she traps you in between her thighs, and teases you how about how your trapped and powerless you are, and goes on to make a deal with you, explaining that if you can break free, you won’t have to spend the night in her stomach. Eventually you break free. Frowning she picks you up. Looking at you and licking her lips, she can’t control herself, she just says “I lied” and pops you in her mouth. She plays with you, silently savoring you, but doesn’t swallow you…. Yet. She pauses for a moment to think about what she’s going to do with you.

Alternate ending 1 – Vore Ending Velvets’s face scrunches, and then she laughs. “Did you just finish in there?” Then swallows you, laughing to herself “You should know by now that I always swallow” Then walks off scene
Alternate ending 2 – Panties Ending Velvets takes you out of her mouth, and while looking at you on her palm. “Since it’s your birthday, I guess I’ll be nice. Plus it’s not like I can’t make you my midnight snack later if you disappoint me.” She then drops you into her pants and lets the waistband shut. Rubbing herself, “Happy Birthday Sweetie” Then walks off Scene

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