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Keri Taylor She Hulks transform

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Keri Taylor She Hulks transform
Running Time:
4 Minutes

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Tags: growth, Keri taylor, clothes rip, button pop
Description :     Location: Blue room (just the empty room with blue walls) Wardrobe: Kerri is wearing a buttoned shirt, jeans, and underneath she has a bra and panties on. Keri is wearing flip-flops/sandals (the ones that are easily to burst out of and re-glue), and she will need pasties. She also has her hair tied back. Clip: The clip is shot as a practical-effect giantess growth clip, meaning it will have the traditional close-ups for clothes busting, The synopsis goes like this: Kerri is talking with her boyfriend over the phone (only Carissa will be heard in the clip, what the boyfriend says is implied) when, to her shock, he breaks up with her. She is not happy. Script: The clip starts off with Keri walking into the shot, on the phone with her boyfriend. They begin talking ("Hey, how's it going?", "How's work doing?", etc), and everything seems good. Kerri, happy as can be, asks what they should do tonight. Her boyfriend begins to sound a little serious, and tells her that something is wrong. Kerri, now with a concerned look, asks what's wrong. Her boyfriend proceeds to tell her that he met another woman at a party, and he doesn't want to see Kerri anymore. As he (silently) says this, Kerri's expression turns from straight-faced to disgusted and upset. She sputters at him, repeating things like "What?" and "how could you---". He apologizes, and Kerri does not take it well. "What do you mean, 'I'm sorry'? After all that we've been through

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