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Harley Quinn Henchmen Execution

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Harley Quinn Henchmen Execution
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, giantess, Lydia, Crush, Boots, Booty Crush, Mouth, Licking, Hand Held, Super Heroine, Super Villainess
Description :     Custom Request: Lydia is dressed like she was in “Harley Quinn Shrinks Batman VR.” The clip opens with Lydia mad that her henchmen botched the job to capture Batman. She yells at them calling them useless/worthless. She decides seeing the plan was to shrink Batman how bout I shrink yous instead. Lydia snaps her finger and the camera shrinks down and she’s excited now. Cut to 4 SFX people shrunk similar in size to Feisty Feet. Lydia is laughing how small her dumb henchmen are and says they're even more useless now so the only thing left to do is to crush them. One of the henchmen decides to run making Lydia laugh more. She fakes being worried he’ll escape. She moves her boot over the running henchmen and misses crushing him intentionally saying condescending how fast he is. She misses a 2nd time intentionally. Finally she says this fun little game is over and hovers her foot over the tiny before stomping him to death and grinding her boot. She drags her foot back and moves to her next victim. She picks up a tiny and yells at him for screwing up her plan. She gets bored of him and drops him on the floor. Cut to POV of the guy just dropped and Lydia realizing he survived. She squats down pokes at the camera and says I guess I can end your suffering. She stands up and steps on the camera. Cut to the SFX person the floor and Lydia lifting her foot over the tiny then lowering it down on him grinding him up. The next SFX person she picks up and decides to place in the back of her shorts. She smashes her cheeks together a couple times and sits down on a chair hard to ensure he's crushed. She laughs saying she felt a tiny person before and now just mush. Cut to POV of the last shrunken person. Lydia picks up the camera and brings it to a chair. She pokes and prods the camera and decides to sit on the tiny. Lydia sits on the camera. Cut to the SFX person on the chair and Lydia sits on him. She grinds him up and slams her butt on him a couple times. She sits on the chair and laughs saying that was fun. We did a little more then the customers description, I would say this has allot of cool booty scenes so if you are into booty then you love this.

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