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Loryelle’s Garden Warfare – Part ONE (with audio fx)

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Loryelle’s Garden Warfare – Part ONE (with audio fx)
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Tags: giantess, audio fx, feet, foot fetish, crush, military, army
Description :     This is part 1 of 3 – first outpost General Plot: I’ve shrunken a nearby army base, because it was very noisy so I couldn’t concentrate on my science work. Now the tiny soldiers are on the run in my garden and built up three makeshift outposts. I’m going to wipe them out, one after another with my smelly giant bare feet. Part ONE: In this part I destroy the first base I find. I remove my shoes and step on many tiny soldiers and toy around with their vehicles and makeshift buildings using my giantess feet. I don’t show any mercy, despite of their white flag. ;-) You may expect from this part: business dress with blonde hair – face and body shots, audio fx screaming people, booming steps, weapon sounds and many more, tons of detailed close-ups of my beautiful feet playing around. I got often ask for military scenarios with soldiers and tiny tanks. If you are into foot humiliation of army guys, this one is for you. ;-)

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