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Vivian SLOW Dance with Shrunken Woman FX

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Vivian SLOW Dance with Shrunken Woman FX
Running Time:
18 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, handheld, vivian, crush, Nadia White, Cleavage, SFX, Shrunken woman,
Description :     The model I would really really like to see is Vivian. She is my absolute favorite. The video would be a mixture of of POV, using at least two different size dolls, slow motion, and some FX. The theme would be a Village of the Giants dance. It would be great if it could also be a shrunken woman. It basically gets to the dancing right from the get go. Vivian walks into the room. Was hoping she could wear a mini shirt and a shirt that shows off some cleavage. Right now its POV. She walks right up to you, looks down, and says "there you are. Ive been looking all over for you. hmmm. what should we do. I know. lets have some fun. Im really going to enjoy this." Screen fades to black. Comes back up on Vivian and she says "what happened to the music. lets dance" (maybe do the whole snapping the fingers like she does in the actual movie). the music starts. It goes to POV of her reaching down to pick the SW up. The camera pears out to her and a doll (something similar to barbie doll size). She sexily dances with the doll for a bit. Switches to POV of her setting the SW down. She says "i think you would be better off smaller." the camera fades. comes back POV looking up at her and she is now down to her bra and panties or a bikini would work. she reaches down and the SW doll is now gi joe size. once again she starts to eroticly dance with the doll. mabye getting a bit more erotic. after some time she says "how bout we go even smaller." this is where the FX comes into play. now its an actual SW. the camera fades yet again and it comes back POV looking up at Vivian and she is down to panties and is topless with pasties. the camera pans out and you now see the SW is around 1 inch tall or even smaller. Vivian reaches down and picks her up. she starts to dance with her. after a bit, she places her on her pasty. she continues to dance. the camera zooms in and you see her dangling for her pasty, hanging on for dear life and she continues to dance. she starts to gently sway her chest back and forth a bit in slow motion. the girl eventually falls right down to the waist line of her panties. she keeps on dancing. she tries to pull herself up. the camera does a POV shot looking up a Vivian as if the SW is looking up at her as she dances. the camera fades. it comes back to the SW on a table in front of Vivian at chest high. the camera somewhat zooms in and you see Vivian's giant's chest with the SW in front of it. Vivian is massaging and rubbing her breasts as the SW just looks on. She lets her breasts fall on the table. They nearly crush the SW but she happened to be right in the middle of them on the table. After a bit Vivian stands up and picks up the SW. she says "i think we will have some more fun later but for now, i got a place to put you for safekeeping." She turns around, opens her panties and drops the woman in. END

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