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Lil Brothers Demise - VR 4k

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Lil Brothers Demise - VR 4k
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: Virtual Reality, 4K, Foot Domination, Soles, Crush, cleo, sandra luberc, feet, soles, toes, taboo
Description :     You have heard that your sisters friend from Russia is coming to stay as an exchange student, but your sis has told you she doesn't want you around as she helps Sandra get situated. You know her friend is hot and want to see her so you've shrunken yourself and hidden in the room as the two girls walk in. Cleo shows Sandra around and the girls have no idea you are there, almost crushing you under foot a few times by accident. Finally Your giant sister notices you on the floor and is pissed! The two girls quickly corner you and Cleo decides that you need to be punished by their giant feet for thinking you can just be a creep. They step on you, make you worship their feet and finally you are smooshed completely!

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