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Hunger Of The Punk Girl - Part One

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Hunger Of The Punk Girl - Part One
Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: vore, softvore, eaten, pizza, punk girl,
Description :     Hey vore fans! Here we go on a fantastic new adventure with the girl who wants to consume all the things! Misery’s best friend Roxy makes her debut in our audiobooks with this brand new story. Featuring the original actress from FantaSize episode one this tale is being released on the 11th year anniversary of the original animations launch!

When Roxy finds a shrink remote, there’s just one thing on her mind… well two. The first is revenge but the second is her insatiable desire to eat shrunken people! After being kicked out of her favorite pizza place, our punk rock girl returns to miniaturize the jocks who told her to get lost.

This chapter focuses on Sherry, one of the football stars girlfriends who ends up being the first consumed! It’s time for Roxy to open wide and eat up this shrunken woman in a coffin of cheesy goodness!

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