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Running Time:
11 Minutes

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Tags: Pov, giantess, Suzi, gentle giantess, Train Station
Description :     I was wondering if the following shoot would be possible; a basic story in which the giantess would be doing a simple mundane job as a ticket officer at a train station. She could be sat behind maybe a giant desk facing camera but clearly larger than her surroundings. Possibly in a bikini top and shown from the waist upwards. Have her act frustrated at her job as to why in spite of being a giantess is she doing such a boring job! Also if she could interact angrily with commuters and say stuff like ' hey no que jumping!' And ' I told you platform 19!' Perhaps if you could show some fx style commuters queing for trains and running and she could yell at them to stop running. At the conclusion of the video have her say she's had enough and will quit her job in the morning. As a background If you could possibly have a station of some sort like you would use in a 'Growth-Dream video'. you don't need to add any thing else such as trains but perhaps a sound bite of a train leaving once or twice.

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