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Spring Fling - An Official Akiko Audiobook

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Spring Fling - An Official Akiko Audiobook
Running Time:
16.5 Minutes

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Tags: Audiobook, giantess, lesbian,
Description :     When she still lived in Japan, Akiko had a friend named Masako. The two were basically lovers and quite often, Masako would do what she could to help Akiko with her giantess fantasy obsession. Spend an afternoon with these two as they role play out a fantasy of fleeing from a random school girl they see on the street as they imagine her as a Giantess! This tale is mostly barefoot focused as a few unlucky cars get crushed under one of the giant girls steps and then she turns her attention to Akiko and Masako! Will the two lovers get squished in their role playing fantasy? If Akiko gets her way they will!

Inspired by the pages of A FantaSize Story: Akiko!

Experience another incredible new tale as read by Akiko’s official voice actress, Sarah from Canadian Giantess!

Also included on my Patreon at the $10+ tiers!<—- That means you get this story and all our other current audiobooks for just $10, TOTAL! Only on our Patreon!

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