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Aubrey Golds Double Shrink Trouble - VR 360 HD

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Aubrey Golds Double Shrink Trouble - VR 360 HD
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: VR 360, Giantess, Feet, Stomping, Vore, mouth fetish
Description :     19 year old Aubrey Gold is at the AVNs in her room getting ready to got o the floor when she stumbles across you and a friend shrunken. She only finds you first and wonders how such a tiny little perve got into her room.She is mad and isn't gonna take it lightly on you. She starts threatening to stomp you flat and squash you under her massive soles. You cower as the young Goddess laughs maniacally at you as she could so easily squish you. SHe scoops you up and gives you a taste. She licks you and wonders if she should eat you instead. She dips you in and out of her mouth but ultimately decides to put you back on the floor and squash you for good. Once she's finished crushing your remains she looks around the room some more finding your friend. She then gives him the same treatment, except she eats him as she's hungry!

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