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360 VR - The Best Sister Ever POV

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360 VR - The Best Sister Ever POV
Running Time:
5.5 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, crush, POV, VR, 360 VR,
Description :     Take a wild ride as kat plays the part of herself and her identical sister in this shrunken POV! You’ve been bothering kat’s shy little sister and she’s not going to take it! Now that you’re shrunken down, kat prepares to squash you with her bare feet while her sister enjoys watching the action and showing off her feet too. It’s great how they talk to each other at the end! Such a cool new concept that combines the same model into two actresses! The concept is actually decently complex, but there’s only the very rare glitch throughout in the effect. Her right foot is a bit rough but I'm sure they'll be smoothed up for the summer. Plus after all, kat's tough like that.

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