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Cheerleaders Growing Revenge

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Cheerleaders Growing Revenge
Running Time:
17 Minutes

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Tags: Growth, Giantess, Crush, Goddess Takeover, Magic, Lesbian, revenge, Miss Velvets, Lydia
Description :     Custom request- Basically, I want my video to be maybe at least 15 minutes long, have growth fx, along with some occasional pov shots as well. I would like to see some police/military men being stomped, squashed by boobs/butts, and some vore. I would like the ladies to burst through their clothes, and have imposed nudity (pasties, thongs, etc). if possible, I would like to see Miss Velvet wearing a cheerleader uniform or a school girl uniform and Lydia wearing a sexy business casual. I was also wondering if Miss Velvet and Lydia could kiss each other toward the end of the video, as both of them are loving being new goddesses.

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