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Sahrye Queen of the Village

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Sahrye Queen of the Village
Running Time:
27 Minutes

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Tags: pov, giantess, crush, erotic, building crush, Booty, Vore
Description :     She stumbles upon a village she is evil and hispanic with a medium accent. She plays nice builds a relationship with them helps them build buildings and such even a school in her name. But her intention was to get off on there surprise and shock when she destroys everything and everyone. I would like her to act really erotic. The beginning of her betrayal should start where she has waited to long to destroy the village and her first act is she can't take it anymore and she is at a school and straddles over it on her knees than dry humps the school full of people until completely crushed and she orgasms(fake one) from the dry hump but wants more. Basically it becomes smut at the end with even a little Spanish while she does her thing. Want vore butt crush boob crush I would also like her to lay down on a group of people and crotch hump them with multiple views of the crotch hump especially from the side. Also I would like in the crotch hump that while she is humping there is a person in front of her and she gobbles him up sloppily. Also would like crotch building crush kinda like Jade in Wrath of Jade.

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