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Hannah in Feisty feet 4

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Hannah in Feisty feet 4
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: feet, sfx, Hannah, crush
Description :     I wanna do another custom this time with Hannah. I want another feisty feet video but with a slightly different scenario. Hannah is a restaurant manager who is dressed in a black skirt with a white top and black heels. After a rough day at work one night during closing she decides to shrink all of the cooks(men no shrunken women) to tiny sized mants and place them in her high heels to take home. I want the video to start with Hannah coming home tired sitting on the couch and taking off her high heels and emptying out all of the tinies onto the floor and starts explaining how they will now be her ant sized slaves. I want multiple foot worship angles toes, heels, arches, sides of the feet, under the toes, etc. Also I don't want too many close ups i want scenes in which the viewer can see how small they are compared to her feet. I of course want the classic feisty feet scene where she puts her feet up and places them on the table and has them worship her soles that way before blowing them off and crushing them. After that she crushes all of them.

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