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Intruders on Giantess Mountain pt1 boots

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Intruders on Giantess Mountain pt1 boots
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, dance, vore, crush, car crush, boots
Description :     Giantess Loryelle finds a settlement of tiny intruders on her territory "Giantess Mountain". Those tiny guys are after the resources, they may find there and weren't afraid of the myth of a giantess living there. They were totally wrong! Now they get punished for their disbelieve... ;-)
You may expect from this part:
-Audio FX car crush, screaming people, booming steps
-Lady Loryelle in knee high boots and lingerie
- giantess dance
-giantess comparison
- pissed off giantess voice
- a bit of vore action
- toy plane crush and total toy car destruction at the end

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