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360 VR - Massaging Reginas Big Sweaty Summer Feet POV

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360 VR - Massaging Reginas Big Sweaty Summer Feet POV
Running Time:
5.5 Minutes

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Tags: feet, sweaty, VR, 360, soles
Description :     Experience Regina's big sweaty bare soles in this awesome tabletop VR adventure! She's quite easy going with you, expecting that you can massage her feet for her. The real star of the show here is just the views! Much of the video allows you to stand there and just stare in awe of Regina's soles as she wiggles her toes and seems displeased with your attempts to massage them. A normal POV like this would be great, but with the replayability of 360 VR, there's just so much to enjoy again and again! The rare time Regina's feet cross the seams in this video, but there's so much amazing content it's easy to overlook. This is one you'll want for your collection if you adore of her feet! We're not kidding when we say her feet are sweaty either. It may not be apparent all the time, but Regina's hands and feet do sweat a lot. That glistening you see on her soles? That's all natural. So get in nice and close and enjoy being helpless at her soles. Fades out at the end to a squish sound. It's just a delight at times to hear her damp feet as her heels squeak on the glass tabletop.

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