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Keri In the hands of your God

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Keri In the hands of your God
Running Time:
19 Minutes

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Tags: handheld, feet, Keri Spectrum, woman worship
Description :     1. At the beginning, she has the little man at her feet, completely towering him. She asks him to bow down and worship her like a goddess. Because she actually feels like a real goddess to him and enjoys this so much. She asks for a total devotion from him, demanding to be served as a goddess. He will be her personal micro slave from now on.

2. So she picks him up and put the micro man in the palm of her hand, where the main part of the story takes place. Again she wants him to bow down and worship her. She plays a lot with him also by moving every wrinkle of her palm's skin because she wants him to worship each one of them. Sometimes she can get him on her fingertip, noticing he's very much aroused. She keeps dominating and humiliating him, showing him what's the real difference between a speck slave and an immense, beautiful goddess. All the time the girl asks him to worship her she wants his total devotion and has to be served for the rest of the man's life. Her huge divine body is now his world and she promises him that one day he will have to worship every part of it.

3. At some point, she starts also to tease him. She gives him jerk off instructions in the palm of her hand because she wants him to cum in her honor. Whereas he's not worthy to cum for a goddess, she orders him to bow down and worship her, begging for cumming. He desperately worships her and begs for cumming for her. When the girl feels pleased enough, she decided to make him cum for her by saying Cum for me now! Cum for your Goddess, insignificant slave! Cum for me!. The man cums a lot and it satisfies the goddess so much; but she wants him to keep cumming for her until he will have given all out. After this, the girl decides the micro man to be actually useless for a goddess. So she finally brings him between her fingers and softly crushes him till death with a great amount of pleasure. But before dying, he will have to cum one last time while he's being crushed between her divine fingers that is the extreme sacrifice for his goddess.

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