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Romas Hotel Massacre SFX

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Romas Hotel Massacre SFX
Running Time:
13 Minutes

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Tags: gentle giantess, Giantess, Giantess Special Effects, POV, Unaware Giantess,
Description :     Rumor has it there is a haunted room at Hotel Carrillo. Room 107. Guests are shrunken down to minuscule size, or so they say. Checking-in, Giantess Roma has no idea what tiny little surprises lie ahead. As for the trapped shrunken guests...Good Luck. Featured in this film: All SFX (Butt-Cru.sh, Foot-Cru.sh, POV, Unaware, Boob Cru.sh, Panty Play, Tasteful Mild Nudity) Giantess Roma's 4th Full-Length Film, thanks to all the support from her loyal fans. (For Die-Hard Fans follow me/support) Patreon.com/giantessroma Instagram

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