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Maria's Shrunken Classmate footslave SFX

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Maria's Shrunken Classmate footslave SFX
Running Time:
14 Minutes

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Tags: maria marley, feet, toes, crush, micro, sfx
Description :     Evil Brat Maria has had her nerdy classmate shrunken down to the size of an ant all day during classes and kept tucked away in her shoe. She takes off her sweaty flats and peers into them and finds the tiny micro classmate. She holds him up to her giant face to make sure he's still alive. Luckily he is and she is pleased he survived all day in her shoe. She decides he is to be put to work cleaning her gigantic bare soles. She commands him to get started. he is so small he tries his best to climb up her soles and do as his giant goddess orders. He finally makes it up to the tip of her big toe. She tells him it;s time for her other foot. He runs and jumps but slips and slides all the way down her other sole. She decides to put him on the floor and give him one more chance. She towers over teeny guy as she hovers her giant toes over him. He tries to clean them best he can but she finally tires of him and squishes him under foot! THIS CLIP IS ALL SFX.

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