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Obsessed With Your Step Sister Regina POV

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Obsessed With Your Step Sister Regina POV
Running Time:
30.5 Minutes

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Tags: vore, shrinking
Description :     Max really has a thing for his step sister Regina. The problem is, Regina doesn’t appreciate him checking her out. After shrinking him down however, Regina considers keeping her step brother as a pet. She ends up relaxing in their backyard while having some wine and cheese on a beautiful summers day. Max tries to enjoy himself but Regina gets quite frustrated that he won’t have any cheese at first. It seems he’s nervous at his new size. Eventually Regina starts jokingly trying to put some cheese over top of her step brother. The only problem is it isn’t much of a joke after awhile. Before long Max finds himself trapped between two slices of cheese and he’s then eaten up! Regina is shown from a third person perspective eating up the cheese that poor Max was trapped inside! She relaxes, rubbing her belly, happy and content. Lots of great dialogue from Regina and Max throughout in this extended custom video! A wonderful story based adventure at a discount price!

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