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BlondZilla Hand held 4K 360

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BlondZilla Hand held 4K 360
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: cleavage, VR, Blondzilla, hand held
Description :     Blondzilla shrank you and plays with you, lots of hand held, also some feet, cleavage and kissing etc. 4K h265 360 version, When you buy you will have access to 4K or 1080p versions in case you have issues with either. The h265 version works better on late model phones as they handle H265 better. I test on Galaxy S7 edge and I have also tested on Moto Z pure. I have not tested Iphones yet. to play either of these you need VLC or the Go Pro VR app, The Theta App does not work with these. For android I like Vars VR as a player.

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