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Doll Man and Hostile Take Over

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Doll Man and Hostile Take Over
Running Time:
449 images

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Tags: Shrunken man, Crush, Vore, feet,
Description :     This is a combined set of 2 stories 449 images in total. The first story Doll man is a 224-image set is about a young man names Michael who is working as an intern at a tech company who is accidently shrunk to approximately 1 foot tall. He must learn to deal with the different family dynamic he must deal with now that his younger sister is put in charge of him. She teases and makes him suffer humiliating physical torments. She shows him off to her friends one of which takes advantage of him sexually. One day Michael is separated from his sister in a park and he is abducted by a girl that thinks he is a toy. She brings him home and dresses him as a Barbie doll. The girl’s mother appears to rescue him and takes him into her bedroom and seduces him. She later convinces him to live with her a decision he will later regret. The 2nd story Hostile Take Over is a 225-image set about what happens when feminists get a hold of a shrink ray. This story contains hand held images, foot crush images, vore, in shoe, and hand crush.

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