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Brandy in neighborhood crush

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Brandy in neighborhood crush
Running Time:
12 minutes

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Tags: giantess, brandy, house crush, feet, pov, booty crush
Description :     This was a custom request and it is a Jack and the Beanstalk themed video, but with a naughty twist and instead of the thief being Jack, he will be Josh. The video should start off with the camera on the ground showing the small town (with clay houses if possible) and how peaceful everything is, when suddenly, the ground begins to shake. The camera should be positioned from the perspective of the one of the tiny townsfolk and Brandy should be in the background getting closer with every step. Brandy walks in with her giant footsteps as every step she takes shakes the ground (if SFX booming sounds effects are possible to add, that would be great) and as she is approaching the town (in the distance), she proclaims (saying it slowly please), Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the blood of a who's really dumb! As you say it the first time, you get closer to the town and you say Fee Fi Fo Fum, I am the giant of this town and someone has stolen from me. Once in the town, Brandy frustratingly starts to stomp on the little people with her feet (please make sure her entire foot is captured on the camera) and maniacally laughs at the people and says, Hahaha, Fee Fi Fo Fum, did you forget you big I am Did you forget that there is a giant that lives near you I am the giant and you have tested my patience for the last time. Brandy tells the townspeople (who should be smaller than toe size and made either of clay figures or small figures) that You will all suffer the fate of being crushed under the weight of my giant foot unless someone tells me where Josh is. No one replies and she starts to crush them saying, Fee Fi Fo Fum, this is what happens when you ignore me, Brandy the Giant. Then you move to another part of the room (same camera angle as in the first room) and there are more people there. She should torment them with her feet the same way she did with the first set of townspeople and say things that are up to her, but should be relevant to Jack and the Beanstalk. For one or two scenes, you can move the camera to show that she ate one or two of the townspeople, until you see one last person there, who will be Josh. Now, you start manically laughing one more and say, Hahahaha. Fee Fi Fo Fum, I am a big giant and you are the thief you stole from me. You lift your foot up and say something like, I hope you like the smell of my giant, stinky foot and then continue to stomp your foot on Josh continuously. Once he's done, you say on last time, Fee Fi Fo Fum, looks like he is all done and this giant has reminded everyone, who's the big boss in town and she walks off and ends the video.

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