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Unaware Megz SFX - Tiny Helpless Family

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Unaware Megz SFX - Tiny Helpless Family
Running Time:
8 Minutes

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Tags: unaware, sfx, fx, micro, barefoot, feet, crush, vore,
Description :     When Megz gets home from work she's confused to see the house is empty. Taking off her heels she figures she'll just relax until everyone else shows up. What she doesn't know is that her family was having a party and everyone was shrunk! She steps on a fleeing crowd of micro sized people before noticing they are on the floor... but Megz thinks they're bugs!

She crushes a bunch of them before wandering off to get something for supper. On her way into the dining room though she comes across a shrunken girl, this time someone who is a few inches tall. Unfortunately Megz still doesn't realize the tiny girl is a person and she's crushed underfoot.

Finally at the table Megz finds another inches tall tiny, this time a guy. She pokes at the table around him but then decides to eat him! Unable to make Megz realize who or what he is the tiny guy is held up and sucked on by the girl who is many times his size! After even getting a long view of the inside of her mouth he's slurped inside and swallowed down! Megz never does figure out what happened to her family. Includes a quiet spooky soundtrack throughout!

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