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Lydia Shakes The Ground Underfoot POV

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Lydia Shakes The Ground Underfoot POV
Running Time:
7 Minutes

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Tags: Feet, barefoot, booming footsteps, ground shakes, crush, POV
Description :     Lydia was woken up recently from a centuries old curse and now she’s doing her best to get adjusted to the modern world. While relaxing with Fiana a couple days later she’s quite surprised to see a shrunken person just wandering around outdoors! In her time, she was the one who shrunk people, or the other witches in her coven. Fiana informs her that many people shrink others these days and there are even shrinking viruses that can make people tiny. Of course, Lydia isn’t just going to let this little guy wander off and they both take off their shoes to crush him barefoot! See the beautiful soles of our latest model as fan favourite Fiana also tries to crush you underfoot! Experience his fear as their steps shake the ground around you with booming impact!

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