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Incredible Shrinking Dude 5

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Incredible Shrinking Dude 5
Running Time:
56 Minutes

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Tags: pov, feet, Cleavage, Shrinking, sfx, Small Man, Humiliation,
Description :     I do not normally Retcon clips but I got a complaint that for some reason this clip somehow did not make the migration from the old store. Well here it is.

This one has the shrinking dude married to Suzi and is getting smaller and smaller throughout the video. His Wife is very mean to him and he finds solace in his Co Worker Star who always had a crush on him but along the way he makes one last visit to the strip club to see Tara tied and Danielle Trixie then he is molested by a crazy Nurse and even kidnapped by a sexy dominatrix eventually he makes it back to his wife who keeps him in a doll house and bullies him till he finally escapes her and winds up with the woman that cares for him, Star. This video has a mix of POV and FX & stars 6 girls.

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