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BlondZilla in killing off the Ex Boyfriends

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BlondZilla in killing off the Ex Boyfriends
Running Time:
9 minutes

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Tags: handheld, special FX, blondzilla, booty, cleavage, booms, shakes, slow motion, ex revenge, boob crush, booty crush, shoe crush, hand held, pov
Description :     This was a custom Video- Blondvilla searches for her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her with her former best friend. Would love to see some slow motion effects similar to “Love is Strong” Video. Add some cool pov scenes as she strides over camera, or some camera shots at breast or eye level as she passes by some buildings. She searches city for Jimmy, while crushing plenty of innocent by standers along the way. Would love to see some of the people crushed by themselves and in groups. Going in and out of Slow motion as she walks around city carelessly squishing people below. While she searches for Jimmy, she comes across three or more of her former lovers. One guy loved the sexy shoes she would wear. So she teases him for a while, tells him how bad of a lover he was, or dumped him for his small manhood before crushing him under her shoe. Another ex was an ass man. So she crushes him under her Butt. Last lover was a boob guy. (Love the scenes you do while man stands on ground and women lowers one breast down on top of him). Would be amazing if she would knock him to the ground before crushing. She uses her breast like pendulum to send him flying to his back. Pov shot would be great. FX shot greater. She finally finds Jimmy by himself. She teases him threatening to stomp on him, sit on him, or even eat him. She then hoovers her breasts above him and teases him about how little he is compared to them. Teases him about different ways she could end him with her breasts. Before she crushes him under one of them. (same way as other is fine) But would love to see breast drop crush. Can be from his pov. Looking up from palm of her hand. With her other hand she lifts her breast up and lets it fall on top of Jimmy crushing him. Or maybe he’s on a rooftop and she drops her breast on him. As she’s wiping his remains from the under side of her breast. She fells the ground tremor. She looks up and screams as her Mega sized ex-best friends massive high heel crushes her into the ground.

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