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Friendly Climb

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Friendly Climb
Running Time:
9 Minutes

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Tags: shrinking woman, Elsa Ives, Brandy, Climbing, SFX, POV, Vore, Gentle, Feet
Description :     This was a Custom. SW is seeing her friend GTS, but she seems sad. GTS asks her what's wrong. A climbing trip SW was excited to go on had to be cancelled at the last minute. GTS says she has an idea to cheer up her friend. GTS strips down to something skimpy. Then SW asks what she is doing, GTS shrinks her down to about 2 inches in height. (The shrinking scene should be done relatively fast, as its not the real focus of the video). GTS tells SW if she wants a real adventure she should try climbing her. SW is nervous at first, after some coaxing, SW agrees and starts to climb GTS. During the climb, SW can talk about how climbing a woman is a new experience for her, and complement her friend on her body. GTS can give SW encouragement and talk about how she's tickling her with her climbing. So get spfx shots of SW climbing on GTS's feet, legs, thigh, stomach, cleavage, and then on her shoulder. When SW is at GTS shoulder, GTS extend one of her arms for SW to walk down, and flexes for her. Back on her shoulder, GTS tells SW that to get the full experience she needs to try to climb to the top of her head. Which SW does. At either GTS's shoulder or the top of her head, I'd like a pov shot, looking down her body,to her feet, GTS offers her hand to SW to climb in and so SW does. GTS says its not over yet. SW still has to explore the inside, and she pop's SW into her mouth. After some mouth play (SW on GTS' tongue) GTS spits SW back out into her hand, tells her she just wanted some fun, would never really eat her, and is going to keep SW safe until the shrinking spell wears off in a few hours.

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