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Tickling Judys Feet Is A Good Defense POV

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Tickling Judys Feet Is A Good Defense POV
Running Time:
7.5 Minutes

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Tags: giantess, feet, barefoot, tickling, sisters, POV, crush,
Description :     You come across these two giant girls out in the park on day. They seem pretty imposing but Regina tells you all you have to do is tickle Judy’s feet. Of course her sister is quite upset that she’s shared this secret and Regina tries to show you a few times just how sensitive Judy’s feet are. You even try tickling her too as Judy considers crushing you. In the end though the two girls stand up and Judy does end up squashing you underfoot.

Judy has some fun reactions in this one with the short moments Regina can even get close to her feet. Check out the trailer for some of the fun!

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