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Sorry Cindy...

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Sorry Cindy...
Running Time:
9.5 Minutes

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Tags: barefoot, crush, shrinking, feet
Description :     With just one day until our 10th year anniversary, newcomer Blackwing swoops in with her very first video! Shrunken down at at her feet, you take on the role of Cindy. It’s a familiar story but with an all new model as Blackwing expresses her regret for making Cindy so small, and for the fact that she can’t change her back anyway. Even her tiny attempt at a foot massage can’t even be felt by Blackwing, and so it’s time for Cindy to get squished! Blackwing considers squashing her between her soles, but ends up standing up to step on her instead.

More great dialogue as always from yet another new model here at Canadian Giantess!

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