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360 VR – Alvin Gets Eaten By Megz POV

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360 VR – Alvin Gets Eaten By Megz POV
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: Vore, Mouth, Throat, Tongue, 360 VR, Mouth Views,
Description :     Get ready for some of the most intense mouth views we’ve ever created! Starting with an improved intro that begins with you trapped in a plastic bag as Megz licks it, she eventually takes you out and prepares to eat her shrunken friend Alvin. Following that are some moments where you’ll dangle above her mouth until you take the plunge! See what it’s like past Megz teeth as you find yourself looking at the gaping back of her mouth! Marvel at what it must be like to be eaten by this beautiful Giantess as you experience one of our first vore 360 VR adventures!

Enter the gaping maw of last years surprise model as she makes a triumphant return to Canadian Giantess just in time for our upcoming 10th year anniversary! Dive in and then watch as Megz pats her tummy at the end after gulping you down in a third person handheld view.

You don’t need a VR Headset to watch our VR videos (but it makes it cooler of course) Instead you can use the free basic desktop viewer on: https://theta360.com/en/support/download/ You can also use Google Cardboard and a Cardboard enabled VR player.

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