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Tricked Into Trusting A Vengeful Giantess

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Tricked Into Trusting A Vengeful Giantess
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Tags: booty, crush, sandals, in sandal, bikini
Description :     This summer has been full of a lot of Regina action with her sister. Now it's time to get back to her true nature! Being completely vicious and deceptive. Regina is just relaxing in the backyard when a tiny guy comes across her. Including dialogue from the tiny man this video focuses on him being forced to watch Regina crush all of his friends after she tricks him into revealing where they all are! Crushed under her sandal, in her sandal, in her hand, and even under her butt! It's a great mix of fantastic summer fun!

Have you heard about how sweaty Regina's feet can get? You'll get to see what they're really like by the end of this video when the poor clay guy inside of her sandal has basically turned to liquid. That's not water, that's all sweat from her foot.

Settle in for another amazing custom thanks to a wonderful long time fan!

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what the custom requester had to say! "Holy freaking cow! That. Was. Awesome. That clip turned out amazing with the different cuts and camera angles plus slow motion. Add in the fact the the dialogue was spot on. I don't think I've ever had a more accurate custom and it was fantastic! Thanks again cause you went above and beyond on this!"

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