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Mean Babysitter 360 VR

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Mean Babysitter 360 VR
Running Time:
10 Minutes

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Tags: pov, vr 360, hitting, babysitter, feet
Description :     This was a custom - I have a shrinking virus which made me shrink to 1 feet tall. My girlfriend, who is Blondzilla's friend is going out and has left me at her friends place, Blondzilla to look after me while she is out because my small size. But Blondzilla turns out to be a mean babysitter... Blondzilla is sitting on the sofa with her feet up and one foot crossed over the other. I am on the floor in front of her looking up to her beautiful face and dirty soles.. She starts to explain the plans she has for the evening and it involves me being her slave. she tells me that she has always hated me and that she is going to beat me. Continually telling me how she is going to kick my ass and beat me all around the house. Occasionally she gets up and gives me a smack for not doing a good job massaging. she tells me how she is going to invite her friends over and have them take turns beating me up while she watches. finally she should get up and give me a good beating till I am crying. She should also threaten that I shouldn't tell my girlfriend or I will get beaten worse next time she babysits me.

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