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Suzi Supermarket Sneeze fest

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Suzi Supermarket Sneeze fest
Running Time:
7 minutes

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Tags: sfx, giantess, sneezes, suzi
Description :     A small giantess (perhaps 25 feet) can barely fit into a supermarket while lying on her side. She try to smell the flowers on sale, but inhales too hard and then begins an epic sneeze buildup causing a mess of the store, At the end she lets loose a blast and causes the building to explode around her leaving a pile of mucus and rubble. She then starts a sneezing fit. the first one she trys to stop by sneezing into her top but only causes her outer clothes to go flying. The next sneeze causes every car in the parking lot to go flying and the next few causes the building to be blown down. In between each sneeze, she triys to fight the buildup and warn people the tickle is too big and they should run. At the end, she says sorry looking around at all the destruction.

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