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Judy and Niles - Consumed By Your Ex Girlfriend POV

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Judy and Niles - Consumed By Your Ex Girlfriend POV
Running Time:
14.5 Minutes

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Tags: Vore, Tummy, Belly, POV, Mouth, Licking, Tongue, Shrinking,
Description :     Let's get this party started! As of September 15th, Canadian Giantess will be celebrating 10 years! We begin that celebration today with a brand new video featuring Judy and Regina! Stay tuned for lots of awesome content and surprises still to come!

Long ago, before he knew his sister Auden was eating him and making him think it was a dream, Niles used to date a girl named Judy. Things went well between the two but Niles used to talk to quite a few girls at school about vore scenarios. Our story picks up with Niles going out on a walk with Judy and her sister Regina. He's hoping things can still be patched up, but he has no idea of the powers Judy's sister has. It isn't long before he's shrunk and Judy reveals that she plans to eat him!

Of course, that's when things get surprising for the Judy and Regina. There isn't a moment when Niles is scared at all! He's sad that Judy didn't tell him Regina could shrink people earlier and he wants to be eaten by her! Even with Judy's crude comment of where Niles will end up after he's digested, he doesn't seem swayed. The two girls don't really want him to enjoy it but they play along as Judy licks her lips and Niles at his request. In the end Judy is happy to rub her tummy and burp a bit after swallowing her ex boyfriend.

Includes some advanced slow motion replays of Judy licking her lips and you at the end. Also includes dialogue from the shrunken guy. Reduced price due to somewhat distracting wind audio during the intro.

Obviously Niles is somehow saved after this video, but maybe that's a story for another day...

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