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Brandy The Big Bully 2

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Brandy The Big Bully 2
Running Time:
10 minutes

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Tags: Real Giantess, Humiliation, FemDom, size comparison, Brandy
Description :     So the ideal that popped into my head was that Brandy was a big bully! It would be really nice if she was wearing that outfit she was wearing in the M.e.g.a. Clip that she was in just a few days ago but if that isn't possible then just a really sexy outfit will work out fine too! It would also be cool if she could wear her highest pair of heels so she is REALLY bigger then you! I would love to see in the clip her humiliating you in size and comparing height and size and strength with you! If it is at all possible for her to be able to touch the ceiling and put her chin on top of your head while teasing you would be awesome! Could this clip be for 10 minutes long and instead of calling you Gary could you change it so she would be calling you Joe?

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