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Into her nylons - extreme pov VR360

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Into her nylons - extreme pov VR360
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Tags: feet, nylons, in-nylons, french pedicure, vr360
Description :     DISCLAIMER: This is a Virtual-Reality(VR) 360 video, which can only be viewed properly by using a VR headset or the ricoh-theta software. DO NOT BUY IT if you don't know what this means. otherwise - enjoy the ride! ;) You are a pathetic, helpless tiny man, standing on an infinite-looking table, right next to a gorgeous goddess. she smiles at you with her pretty, immense face, and slams her nylon-covered, sexy feet next to your puny body. you want to get inside those sweaty nylons, don't you? you want to be trapped inside, while those huge, sweet, french-pedicured toes wiggle all over your ant-sized body, right? your fantasy is about to become reality... extreme VR360 pov inside! you have been warned!

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