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360 VR - Crushed Under The Mature Witchs Feet POV

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360 VR - Crushed Under The Mature Witchs Feet POV
Running Time:
4 Minutes

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Tags: Barefoot, Feet, Mature, Shrunken, Crush,
Description :     Meet Liama, a witch who is trying to protect her magic circle of pine cones from some small troops in her yard. If you ever wondered where kat got her powers from, this is her mother! This video is a bit unique in our 360 VR catalogue. The whole video is told in slow motion to really capture the size and action at ground level. However, Liama's voice has been specially edited to sound normal, just slowed down. Because of this audio change, booming footsteps have been left out to not detract from the slowed down effect. See what it's like to be so tiny as kat's mom steps on all the tiny soldiers around you!

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